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Default How can we trust scientists any more?

Hi Everybody,

It seems that the 'scientists' at the University of East Anglia were manipulating not only data, but also peer group papers. For those who don't know, peer group papers are documents about subjects that have been revised and agreed to by other independent scientists.

The whole manipulation of this system, the use of one scientist within the clique as a 'peer' to another to agree to their theory, opens a huge can of worms not only to the subject of climate change, but ANY scientific subject.

We are at the stage now where we can't even trust what were once trusted science magazines to give out the results of a TRUE research.

This is damning for every aspect of science. How do we not know now if 'science' proving that chocolate is good for your blood pressure was not financed in the back rooms by Nestlé, or that a glass of beer a day helps keep your heart healthier was not financed by Anheuser Busch?

Does this mean that we all have to turn our backs on science and take a step back in time and rely on "old wives tales" again to solve our problems?

This last piece of 'research' by an anonymous person in the computers of a British University is very, very damning and because of apparent hoodwinking puts the whole of the scientific community under the microscope.

Best regards,

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