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Default Re: Abraxas was banned and his group is closed

" Originally Posted by Lionhawk View Post
For the sake of this post, I am going to do a channeling here for you today. The one I channel is called HIDDENFOOT.

ooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmm thump thump thump

Greetings everyone, and you too MP2,

Talk about taking a place at a table. Council of Thuban. Here's some Chinese English for ya;

Uncle John

And I swear I saw Jonah and Ross also in this list last night. That is 4 MODS plus an X-MOD with a total of 5 in MODNESS. How come SteveX isn't on the list? Does he play Igore in this group? And here is Richard taking the blunt of it as if there are no other Mods available. That's not hard to figure out is it? You don't need Universal math on that ine because a lot of these MOds are right here. Duh!

And all one has to do is track the behavioral changes. Has anyone notice the 180's with some of these members? I have. I also don't think this group as it is called, is closed for business.

Who was it that said there were lies on every level? Talk about two face manure going down here at this forum and what do I see here?

You folks up here in this list really think you have it down, don't you? For instance someone being used as a victim on top of being a victim just to hide your own victimhood. Talk about an exchanger of such energies, you are certainly a Pro at it Susan. This is all bringing back memories of the old Batman series. You know where you got the Joker, Penguin, and the Riddler. Except in this version we have the Exchanger.
Not to defend Celine here, but when are you going to put your laundry on the table for everyone to see? At least Celine has been honest about it. But you on the Hiddenhand can only deflect your pain onto someone else with your rhetoric. It isn't even your rhetoric. It is from someone else. I have only one question. Where is the real Susan, because this version is a hijacked version. This isn't the Susan everyone use to know.

Same thing could be said of Anchor. You know the guy that when he emailed you or posted something behind your posts, he would always leave you with that RAM IT HOME feeling. Everyone following so far? Where did that Anchor go? Here comes this ABrax and the next thing you know, Anchor is no longer a MOd.

Spreg I thought was pretty cool and I always listened to what he had to say because he spoke form a heart. Where did he go? Where did his heart go? He went ranting down the street because he wasn't being acknowledged.

I can't say much about Bigmo. He just doesn't like it when a car pulls up and blocks his view. Ask Mntrutherseeker about that. If you wanted directions, he wouldn't give you any.He just doesn't know.

Holy Bat Droppings is all I can say. How many pieces do you have? Are they importing more from Alpha Draconis?

And the star of the show is really a none factor. With a name like MAnic Man all you will experience from him is just a bunch of steaming rantings of why you shouldn't pray for him.

But in all seriousness, these people have been compromised but they just don't know it. They are just here to trample over your Free agency by abusing theirs. They are the new gatekeepers to the door that was opened here.

They have no authority whatsoever over this Planet. And that is why some have been targeted. If you remove the authority that says you are not allowed to come here under any circumstance so that you can have your way with this world, then they can then come in and take over. Simple laws of possession apply here in whatever form. And they damn sure don't want you to know about that. If you look at the root currents of what makes these Reptilians tick it is always about what they can dominate. You can track it even through the history of our world here, online."


PLEASE ... you CAN'T BE SERIOUS?!?!??? Are you honestly and truly accusing all of us not merely of being "stupid dupes" ..... but also of actually being possessed by darkness/evil/thuban-draconian/Abraxas????

I truly don't know whether to laugh or cry .... i'm simply STUNNED that you have actually made such an accusation against so many people here!

Please don't forget ..... in the beginning there was Light, and the Light overcame the darkness. John 1

your sister in the love of Jesus Christ our Lord,
(whose name & sovereignty no demon can proclaim!)

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