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Default Re: Dr. Steven Greer, Disinfo Agent? Details Please!

Originally Posted by lisa View Post
qbeac, trying to reason on this thread is like talking to a brick wall.
These people may agree with you, but they are paid to defend Greer/CSETI and intimidate those who question him.
Thanks for your support, Lisa.

Besides giving my personal opinions on the subject, I am trying to present data I’ve found so that people can make their own judgement.

Imho, there is something suspicious about Dr. Greer, and that’s not how I thought at first. Before the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit-2009, I thought he was a hero, I helped translating his materials from English to Spanish (videos, sites, etc.). But after the things that have happened since then, now I see several important inconsistencies that should be clarified ASAP.

By now, we all have lost our naivety and know that the PTB uses the tactic of infiltration (double agents, gatekeepers, wolfs in sheep’s clothing), and uses professional debunkers to debunk all versions contrary to the official one (Psyops, Agent provocateur, etc.). The PTB may even use clones, or mind control, or other unknown sophisticated technology, or who knows what.

For instance, Jnana has given his/her own personal opinion of why Dr. Greer may not want to present the Pantone GEET motor in the CNN. Firstly, I personally don’t agree with Jnana’s arguments (for several reasons). And secondly, those are only Jnana’s “speculations” (or plausible deniability arguments) of what Dr. Greer may think or want to do, which may not even be correct (we don’t know). Maybe Dr. Greer has other reasons to do what he does.

So, in any case, it would be good to hear Dr. Greer’s own opinion about this matter.

Something that Dr. Greer could do to clarify these questions is to make himself much more available, don’t hide, participate in more public and open debates with his peers, like other people are doing (Alfred Webre, Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassidy, etc.), and answer the hard questions that his peers (other experts in the field) and the regular people may present to him.

That would be something normal to expect from sincere and honest persons who don’t have things to hide or double intentions in mind (Ex: Alfred, Bill, Kerry, etc.).

For persons who have a leading role in the UFO field, it should be almost “mandatory” (or highly recommended) for them to participate in open debates if they want to have credibility, because truth is not afraid of lies. In open debates and in the long run, you can see and feel who is real or fake.

But Bill and Kerry have already said that it was hard for them to interview Dr. Greer because he declined several times.

In summary, if Dr. Greer does make himself available, that would be great. If he doesn’t, the suspicions will grow.
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