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Default Re: Dr. Steven Greer, Disinfo Agent? Details Please!

Originally Posted by qbeac View Post
Btw: if you want to see the Pantone GEET motor working partially on water, go to Panacea University, follow the instructions and build it and test it by yourself. It works, I guarantee it... but you don’t have to believe me, do it yourself and you’ll see.
qbeac, thanks for all of your good analysis on Greer's statements about transitional technologies and GEET. I must have missed your previous post on the GEET as a transitional technology. I'm wondering, have your built a GEET motor yourself? What type of motor did you convert?

Fuel vaporizors are not new technology, and Pantone's GEET looks like one of many efforts out there. Interesting story here:


More technical History/List of vapor carburetors:

I can't read Greer's mind, but I do know that he has said repeatedly that time is short. I think he is looking for a major breakthrough at this point. He is just one man, and must choose his battles carefully. We all must decide how best to make a difference with the time and resources available to us.

If you want to help promote a particular fuel vaporizer, more power to you. I would say at this point what is needed is a serious large scale independent study with irrefutable results, not a demo on Larry King. Do you know anyone with a fleet of vehicles willing to put it to the test, and some scientists willing to do the analysis and reporting? (interesting effort in France: Obama is pushing for higher mileage requirements and automakers will insist they can't do it. Now is the time.

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