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Default Re: Dr. Steven Greer, Disinfo Agent? Details Please!

Originally Posted by onawah View Post
Greer, Bob Dean and other whistleblowers say there are elements within the CIA and other agencies which are actually pro-Disclosure now. So if these are his CIA contacts, that puts a different perspective on what Webre says about Greer and possibly Salla....
onawah, why don’t you ask Dr. Greer by e-mail about this issue?

You can ask him, for instance, about what he said in the Exopolitics Summit 2009 in Sitges (Barcelona), July-26-2009:

I encourage you to listen to the full talk, because Dr. Greer was very emphatic, he said things like that he would being willing to die for this cause (free energy), or that he would go to the CNN and BBC to tell the world, etc., etc.

So, ask him about it, and tell him there is already a “transitional energy” device that works fine (the Pantone GEET motor), and even though it is not the ultimate solution (there are better ones), it is great in the sense that can offer right now an excellent worlwide public “PROOF OF CONCEPT” to help to raise public awareness about the reality of these technologies, etc.

And ask him if he would be willing to do what he said he would in the Exopolitics Summit-2009: go to CNN and tell the world about it.
Will he do it?

If Paul Pantone released the free blueprints of his invention a few years ago (I’m not sure if it was in 2008 or before), why hasn’t Dr. Greer gone already to CNN a few years ago? Why the delay? What is he waiting for?

Dr. Greer says he has a group of experts in free energy who have been working in this field for more than 17 years. So, did they know about Paul Pantone’s public release of the free blueprints of his invention (you can see the video in YouTube. See above link)?

Suppose Dr. Greer goes to CNN and talk about the Pantone GEET motor for just 30 minutes and shows its free blueprints. That would help to rise the awareness of millions of people around the world with regards to free energy. That would tremendously boost the interest of the public for this subject. So, couldn’t Dr. Greer perhaps cancel one or two of his seminaries or conferences and go to the CNN instead? That small exchange (seminary for CNN) would be worth the effort.
If you ask him, let’s see what he says.

Btw: if you want to see the Pantone GEET motor working partially on water, go to Panacea University, follow the instructions and build it and test it by yourself. It works, I guarantee it... but you don’t have to believe me, do it yourself and you’ll see.

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