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Default Re: The book of Enoch, the cover up and the truth hidden by the church

Originally Posted by Moxie View Post
Do Not place your bet on the bible....
engage the Heart not the mind...

One can challenge words/names like El, God, YHWH, Allah, Lord, Jesus, Yashua/Jeshua etc etc.... the point is????

engage the Heart!
The heart knows that all people and sentient beings are of the Source, the same One source.... lost, stolen, or whathaveyou...

anyone want to argue that there is more than one source?
Is that not the real question?....

these densities and dimensions are all interesting fringe questions that engage us.. yet... truly, what is the point if there is not
Unity... is there one source or not?
That is the question...
then, if that is so

the critical question is........... ta da ...... are you unconsious?

I hope this link grounds you if your heart reads it

Yes there are agendas going on... but James' message cuts through, considering that you may be utterly, if honest, lost, as what to think or believe.
Just read the interview! thank you

Take back your power...
Don't think that dismissing the Bible is a wise thing to do. If you'll do a bit more research you'll conclude that it is full of wisdom giving the fact you know the "secret" how to read and interpret it.

I suggest you watch these series of videos if you haven't yet done so:

Hope it'll help you get a new prospective

Love and Light
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