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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

So.. this new archetypical configuration... has it manifested as a he/she or a she/he?
Can you say what the events on this new timeline will be?

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Dear Jonah!

The 'harvest' is simply the fulfilment of archetypes. Many data sources know of this; but the 'Hidden Hand'-Luciferic ones of what on this forum is termed PTB, describe a particularly empowered one of what is known as the Book of Revelation.

This has very little to do with religion and dogmas of any kind, but runs very much deeper in the human collective consciousness.

There is a 'Cosmic Witness' to the unfolding of this 'harvest' and this is the entire universe as selfconscious entity (ALL of the ETs say).
The unfoldment was decreed long ago (by the LOGOS collective) to culminate in a Maximum Polarisation, what you here term often as STS and STO.

This is evidenced say in the present 'antiGod' 'antiJesus' 'antiscripture' climate in skeptics societies, atheist, agnostic and rationality schools.
Contra this is of course the 'other polarity' of the 'believers in the supernaturality', say the religious dogmatists and including many 'New Age' believers {the former 'worshipping' a fake Christmirror and the latter often denying the uniqueness of the true ChristMirror}.

In the selfrelativity of the True Logos; the harvest has already occurred in allowing implementation of a new archetypical configuration of the universe as this reconfiguration has FULFILLED the timelines of the Logos in the NoTime of the Origin becoming the NowTime of the Fulfilment.

In the linear unfoldment of NowTime quanta, this requires a timeline, such as given in convergent 'prophecies' such as found in the Giza pyramid, the Mayan dispensation and the scriptural storylines of the Armageddon=Dragon Made.

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