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It was all I could do to not share the "experience", and yes the UN is an integral part of the NWO; as are the NAZI like stalking crews that have been around for a long time, but normally reserved for scientists, politicians.

When she was telling the story her "friend", who later turned out to be, in the words of a true friend, "evil", her "friend" piped in with "It happened to me too."

They're using children of some sort of organized crime to infiltrate families of targets; they're also using some sort of hard mind control. The most obvious symptom, on top of the emotional outbursts/reactions, of are dilated pupils.
(Yes, I know there are drugs that can cause this which was NOT the issue in this case.) This is simply another rung in the Nazi-ization of America.

The other part of the game against children of activists are to bad-jacket them to prep the community for the Mobbing.


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I wonder what would happen if the 'attackee' had an automatic defense reaction and the 'attacker' got hurt??...

something to think about??
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