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Default Re: "Primary Schoolchildren in Tears..."

Originally Posted by taadev View Post
This is one of the most outrageous acts of a school about which I've read.

My youngest daughter, as a freshman in a "top 5" California school, was grabbed by the throat and strangled in a well feigned attack.

The teacher said "I wanted you to feel what it was like to be surprise attacked." The context was in physical education/self defense.

The psychology of being attacked by a trusted or worse an authority figure are well documented; psychological attacks are legal in California.

The schools of Northern Cal have, built in, vehicles for organized Mobbing, that here is euphemized as group bullying.

I have heard Alex Jones talk about goings-on in schools that are shocking, as well.

I really believe that this crap is coming out of the United Nations. I have learned that on the local level, officials are simply rubber-stamping and implementing UN mandates.


We need to somehow take control. We must.
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