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Default Re: Rife Tech Machine (new alternative choice)

Hi Trickyfingers,

Thanks so much for putting this on here. I had purchased another deal similar to this some years ago, but I never got to use it because I would have had to have gotten extra speakers of a specific type and I couldn't find them here in my area.

Hopefully this will be so much more useable in this type of format. I use alternatives a lot and have a couple of different Zappers that I use a lot and it sure does work also and is portable so can take it with me anywhere I go and only runs off of a 9 volt battery. It has saved us many doctor bills indeed.

After the last time I went to a doctor and the price they charged for an office visit I thought was absolutly unreal. I mean $138.00 for less than 15 minutes with a doctor. No way is this right. It is nothing but a big money rip off indeed. And in such a small town area as where this doctor is, this is just outrageous indeed and still one does not get a real cure.

I have studied alternatives for many years, herbs, homoeopathy, energy medicines, Reiki, and I am a Reiki Master also, so I have used many other forms and they have really helped us out over the years.

I also learned how to make my own tinctures which is actually very simple to do althought the many books out there make it sound so complicated with all the the big words they use regarding it all. Why they do not simplify it all for the masses is beyond me! LOL

OK, just wanted to add this much and thanks again for this. Wish me luck with it now, got it downloaded and set up so now to access it and get the other frequencies into it.

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