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Talking Re: 20-40% inflation, civil disorder and wars! USA heads up.

What a time to get lost in FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real!
All there is - is LOVE. In spite of the high level of mirages pulling folks into mind-chatter, there is an implicate order to the Universe and our lives. We can spin the endless stories of hypothetical situations soon to occur, or we can go much deeper, connect to that place of peace and solidity that lets one know all is going to be okay. Yes the world is experiencing the dis-solution of the "old order". Bring it on I say! Happens every few hundred years. Yes, the forces of darkness are diligently working away to create divisiveness and mayhem. Nothing new there. They always do.
Collectively we have the power, will, and potential to create a beautiful world. Seems the majority abdicate their power to the deluded! There is only the ONE. We can align with the One's Will, or continue deluding ourselves to believe we are doomed as a result of current world conditions. It has always been about Self responsibility and owning it. Each and everyone of us has tremendous power and potential. We can collectively, with a certain number of like minded souls, shift the future to a more desirable nature. Start focusing on what you want to happen, not the **** you think is going to happen! Empower each other to be all you and I are designed to be. Fear not, you have never really been in control anyway.
Time to go deeper, tune in, grow food, expand your domain for more sustainability and be ready to serve others. It is all perfect! Let the LOVE lead you and never fear your choice to do so will result in defeat. LOVE is all there is.
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