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Default Re: 20-40% inflation, civil disorder and wars! USA heads up.

Originally Posted by Sol Invictus View Post
When it comes home to roost, alot, maybe 99% of all people will panic and do desperate things because for so long they have lived life with their blinkers firmly in place.

I watched in horror the video of that walmart man getting trampled to death... for a 40% reduced price consumer item....

Then i thought 'if they will do that for TV and video games, what will they do for food?'.
Yes, people just keep doing strange things...sadly. I'm concerned with the tolerance of America - or should I say ignorance - for the way the gov't is giving in to the PTB & letting America self destruct/without any uprising at this point. I guess things will have to be above critical before the blinders come off of the majority of Americans!
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