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Default Re: Sitchin is illuminati and a disinformant

Originally Posted by Antonia View Post
Who knows for sure if he is or if he isn't? But his books have certainly oppened my eyes to much of the ET experiance...from a very young age. And whether he is illumanati or not...some of his research is very credible and interesting... Some has been shown to be not so on the mark but he was the first that I know of that brought the Annanaki and Nibiru in to question and debate on a world forum so I am grateful for that...if he is illuminati...then which faction? Aren't they now split in to two fighting factions? Rothchild/Europe versus Rockerfeller/Bush?? I think he may have been present at Arizona's ritual but does that make him one of them or just an invitee who is there to see what they are capable off... maybe frighten him in to doing what he was told???

I like what Exchangers has to say on this, she always speaks wise words .... Antonia
I'm glad some of us agree on that..
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