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Default Re: HELP/SUPPORT If you are struggling with feelings/emotions? support here..!

I've stayed up way past my bedtime and stumbled across a very distressing thing (WAMU being taken over by the feds, no I'm not American). I am having intense anxiety over what is about to come sooner than I thought (I was looking at next year, during the Mayan 6th Day for this to materialize). I have two children, grow a whole heap of my own food and have long term storage but I am also going to be bombarded by people whom have no clue. I guess that's a 'benefit' of being a Permaculture designer during the end of the age of empire.

My query is this, is this 'normal' anxiety a father would get do you think in a situation where, the crops failed or something? I mean none of us really know what that situation in an area would be, so we can't know the trauma/stress it would have caused. But I am worried now after reading the latest 'news' about the failing 'bailout' (thank the gods) and then WAMU goes belly up this evening.

Everything I know and have studied about the global markets for the last three years, to my benefit have been shattered and it looks like this is all to, for real. "Here it is, am I ready" is my thinking right now. Anyone?
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