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I hope your right man many people here are sleeping i doubt that i will find 20 who knows whats up...and i feel a responsibility to save them all but waking them up will definately be hard ..and some just will never wake up. But i wont give up I will try to get them save as much as i can.

i know what you mean. this forum is the only place that i am able to finally have conversations about reality. to the rest of my family and friends i must sound like a lunitic. so be it. i also feel compelled to let my light shine before men, and i remember that a theif who was being cruxified for his crimes was the first one into paradise. i believe as you, we must never give up the fight. at the very last moment god can save anyone. we just have to keep planting the seeds.

i man a farmer...

djpablo, what are your views on haille selassie I?
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