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Originally Posted by sharkmeldon View Post
what a great prophet as well. i would not be alive if it wasn't for bob marley.

if a ground crew is to be established in jamaica, i definately want to be involved somehow. my love for this island and it's people melts my heart.
i believe that the meek will inherit the earth. i have felt the love of god for this kind of heart, and the plight of the 3rd world must be redeemed.

something deep down inside tells me that jamaica will be safe.
what do you guys feel?
if we but only ask, then it will be done.

love mark
I hope your right man many people here are sleeping i doubt that i will find 20 who knows whats up...and i feel a responsibility to save them all but waking them up will definately be hard ..and some just will never wake up. But i wont give up I will try to get them save as much as i can.
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