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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Originally Posted by Ross H View Post
JT, this is the 4th time I have posted this...

There are 6800 odd members, we are compiling contact names, e-mail addys, ips ect, to invite, a huge job.

Again I say: there are very few members who wont be invited due to persistent unconstructive behavior as per Bill Ryans request and vision for the forum.

Please be patient, a lot of work to do!

Also, we are slowly bringing on members to help 'iron out any bugs' , now, you can imagine 6000+ members all registering at once?

Plz mate, think about it and stop with the 'somethings going on' routine.

I am looking forward to seeing you there! I have already said this to you yet you choose to ignore what I say?


Ross H
Hi Ross,

I would not really say its a routine. I'm telling you...that the way things are going down is not normal. The problems is with INTEGRITY!!!

And now I have been around this place looking like a total lunatic trying to find out what the heck happened! What is happening! So that we can move into the future as a team!!! And you along with the rest of the members can do what ever you want.

So far the response from the team has been to just stfu and move on!

well how are we going to be the leaders of new peaceful earth if we can not even have trust amongst ourselves. I am mystified! Why well i just can not help myself! Now perhaps there is no problem and I am just an over the top ironic fool. I do not think so.

I am all for moving ahead! I got emails asking me IS IT GO TIME YET!!!

but I say no! What happens if it comes time again ... are you gonna get misted on the spot!!! What about anyone else!!! Even Swanny is afarid to talk...and he has had lots to say in the past.

So let this be a lesson to you all.

There is a thread with a VOTE!!! About keeping it the same!!!

Yet there has been no response!!!





The old forum along with some friends have been hung out to dry!

Don't like it!!! POOF!!!


As I said. i do not have all the answers. Just a lot of visions!

I got 5000+ posts here...some of them I am not proud of!

Many of them are totally flippin awesome

Yet I will not just go on until I know that the team has learned from this, as jack said, utter disgrace and comes up with a system so it can not happen again.

Now i understand that trolls and agents are a problem.

I have given enough of them the beat down!!! I do not want to go on about this forever...this is the worst I have felt in years! Correct me if I am wrong but it dose not appear that we have learned anything from this yet!

That is all i have to say...for now. And i just had to say it.

Peace and with Respect

For the love of Avalon and all her friends!!!

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