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Default Re: Final destination Iran?

Originally Posted by Rocky_Shorz View Post
don't get me wrong I'd love to see him with the power to make necessary changes in his country, of course I'd like to see the President of the US have some power too...
The President of the United States needs MORE oversight (less power) at present imo. Check this:

Admin Threatens Veto Over GAO Role in Intel Oversight - March 17th, 2010 by Steven Aftergood

This is such a straightforward step towards improving oversight that it was even championed by CIA Director Leon Panetta when he was a Congressman.

But the Obama Administration told Congress on Monday that new language to reinforce the GAO’s role in intelligence oversight was among several provisions in the pending FY2010 Intelligence Authorization Act that were objectionable to the White House and that might prompt a presidential veto of the bill.
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