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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

without avalon i will have to rely simply on my own faculties for obtaining information

even though many of you have given me many helpful metaphors and windows through which to look and see things in a new way

honestly, its for the best. if you don't make it to AV2, and you would still like someone to talk to, i welcome everyone to contact me via email, skype, or AIM.

consider that this "disbandment" may possibly have more of a uniting force than all of us staying here, or moving on together.

if we can continue to network, there is not much of an issue

(i have become very "addicted" to avalon since I have joined - not good for school work and other responsibilities, but my personal issues aside - do we need to be here, as opposed to any other place?)

edit: minor clarifications/grammar

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