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Default Re: Galactic federation message

Hello Light Beyond,
thanks for the food for thought.
It’s only fair that, before I start commenting, I disclose my biases: I used to like Nidle’s GFL messages, but after a while I began to see them as a big lie aimed at reaching a “quorum” of hopeful souls that would authorize the intervention af an alien group into our affairs. Now I am sort of “campaining” against anything that to me seems like an intrusive approach from “outside”.

So I admit that when I see anything that even nearly resembles a Galactic Fed message, I immediately think it’s mushy meaningless spiritual statements, false promises of salvation etc.

But, I agree with you that before judging we should take a bit more than 5mins to read the material…so I did.
I actually found some very threatening info and many contradictions confirming that we should really watch out for these “visitors”.

…Hey, don’t get me wrong, there’s no fear mongering in my message…where there is knowledge there is no fear, but really, this is an invitation to re-read the material with a more skeptical eye.

Anyway…here’s a bit of evidence to back up my view:

(I’ll quote the GF message and put my comment below the quote)

“Reformation of all Earth human souls will be enforced.”
Enforcement does not co-exist with free will. True that in some higher realms free will is no longer necessary, but how do you get there? For sure not with an enforced reformation.

“The elemental beings will be reunited with mankind as co-administrators of the Earth.”
…just personal…Co-administration of Earth to me means colonization.

“There you will be quickly changed into your fully conscious selves.”
Again, no more free will, THEY will change us.

“For a short time the Galactic Federation teams will leave their ships to instruct you regarding this technology, and explain your responsibility as Physical Angels.”
We are being transformed into Physical-Angels, doesn’t make any sense, where’s the growth path gone?

“The rise of a post-Internet environment, which we have initiated, will introduce you to new options in communication and entertainment. Simple hand held or easy to wear devices, will provide instant information, and enable you to contact freely anyone else on your world. Using small organic computers, you will become globally recognizable by your body’s true frequency. These devices inter-phase with your mind, providing a 3D holographic picture that contains data, images, etc. The commercial system will be 3D full color telepathic holography.”
This is wicked…we will be turned into angels, but at the same time we’ll still need entertainment and artificial communication devices (big contradiction), not only: we will also be plugged into a telepathic commercial system…this is sick.

“Each household will receive a device that converts light energy into matter
to provide clothing and food. Remember that abundance programs will
allow you to have all the financial resources you need.”
So these are supposed to be the good news…not only were we born useless (as we read on we will find that Agarthians have actually kept us out of trouble all along), but we will be able to remain totally useless thanks to these devices. They’re just trying to do something that’s like giving drugs to a primitive tribe so that they keep depending on you.

“we will provide a technology that can ‘download’ it directly into your brain’s memory and recall systems.”
Again, transformed into angels, but at the same time all our knowledge is sourced artificially from outside our self.

“Never forget, Dear Ones, that you are mutating [from Homo Sapiens] into ‘Homo Galacticus’, A more integrated version of you, this galactic human, possesses the ability to hold open, meaningful dialogue with your true self.”
Well…really…Homo Galacticus, sounds like they got this from the “transformers”…So we’re heavily hi-teched by the above downloads, but can dialogue with our true selves in a better way…what does it mean anyway? dunno, here it’s just a personal feeling, seems like total total crap.

“and a new international mandate of human sovereignty and freedom proclaimed.”
Great, what a meaningless sentence… an ”international mandate”, so what happened to the “galacticus”, now it’s reduced to “international”?? but read below, what a contradiction…

“We have doubled the number of defense ships operating in the solar systems Earth-Moon quadrant. We have also tightened the special inter-dimensional security shield that surrounds your planet, and can prevent anyone that we have not authorized, from leaving or entering your planet.”
So now we’re in a militarized quarantine situation, great.

“As you board one of our craft, you are immediately ‘plugged’ in to this network, which comprehensively monitors all of your body functions, thought processes and emotional states of each individual on board.”
This is sick…must rest my case on this one…

…just need to follow-up the mention of Agartha, actually they call it Inner Earth:

“Broadcasts will explain how people of the Inner Earth have looked after you.”
Thereyago…don’t think you’re alive thanks to your own potential!

…don’t forget: they need to reach the “quorum”, and once they do… we’re fooled again!! nonono…we won’t let it happen

check out this great tune
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