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Default Re: Link between religious fanatics and crime found

Regardless of the validity of the research...perhaps a good general rule would be to think things through from as many angles as as to believe intelligently and act responsibly. I have been rather irreverent and heretical here in Avalon...yet I desire a very high level of ethics and spirituality. This is one reason I call myself orthodoxymoron. Argue with the vioices in your head...regardless of whether you think they're good or evil. Blind obedience to the voices in your head can be disastrous. This, of course, assumes that you do have voices in your head! Never just follow orders! I think that atheists and agnostics are closer to the true Kingdom of God than most 'believers'. They just need to take the next step...and that's not necessarily into a church...or into a $2,000.00 transformational weekend...or whatever those types of events cost.

Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom

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