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Default Re: ET intervention and the loss of human freedom

I think that defending our free will is paramount, that is the only thing that we really have and we will lose it if we sign those petitions

I discovered yesterday that the Queen of England is an usurper and that they need peoples consent for everything only they bully us into believing that we have to, its outrageous!

I know it seems that we are not doing a good job but we are being helped by the negative ETs many of which are already in the planet. After all they have been the rulers for more than 15,000 years. They are the ones creating all this chaos and wars. Our failure is to let them, is to not say anything, is to sit in front of the TV so they can brain wash us, to feel powerless, to think that nothing can be done.

I think the video that was posted here yesterday called "the solution" is a great starting point. If America does it, the world will follow

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