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Default Re: ET intervention and the loss of human freedom

Most species that have reached such a stage in their civilisation that they can accomplish intersteller space will most likely also be highly evolved in other areas such as spirituality. They will know what they are, just like we are starting to realise right now. And any being aware of its true spiritual essence, and who is aware of the purpose of this dimension will know better then to be inflicting negativity on others as the karmic reprocussions would be all to evident.

Any creature who has mastered the art of interstellar travel will most likely have also mastered the art of self, the art of being, the art of balance.

IF theres anything to be "looking out for" (it "looking out" through the eyes of fear is the route you wish to take) then id be much more concerned about our fellow humans down here and just what they may have in store.

A fearful outlook will not do us any good right now. It has NEVER worked, and wont suddenly miraculously start benifiting us now.

People need to realise that they will only encounter that which is in corespondance with their vibratory resonance, if you are a fearful creature you will encounter things to reinforce this state of being. If you are vibrating at a high level, lower level beings cannot influence.
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