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Default Re: Parody "I Don't Even Want To Be Alive Anymore" Rush Limbaugh

Lol Clark,

I can understand your exasperation.

I start from the point of view that I know nothing and I can verify almost nothing. You may have read some of my own skepticism of posts here. Particularly the fear based ones.

I got about a third of the way through the Rush L article before my own scanners started to go...'wait a minute', this can't be for real, surely?'

I started to scroll down to add my two penneth, and then found that you had already done so.

My feeling is that people are so much in need for something to believe in, outside of their own normal life, that it's all very exciting to want to believ in anything that is out of the ordinary.

Of course , there must be a lot of truth in UFOs and all the other goings on. But the biggest truth I'm learning at Avalon is that for some, concentrating on the external far outweighs a desire to look to the internal.

All a good story needs is a believable known fact and then something extraoridnary attached to it.

In this case it's 1) R.L is an ***hole 2) He's seen the light and is asking for redemption.

So my hot tip if anyone is looking for falsehoods, try this 1) find the believeable fact, 2) look for the stretch of your imagination - the pulling of your chain if you will. If an article has both of these in spades, likely it's a story...not the real thing.

The truth is out there, and it's mostly more boring than fiction.
Want to write me a good story of your day yesterday?


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