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Default Re: Parody "I Don't Even Want To Be Alive Anymore" Rush Limbaugh

Originally Posted by Karen View Post
Some things went wrong on the Cliff High issue. Bill admitted to making a mistake. And then at the end of the explanation, if I remember correctly, he said that was all he had to say on the issue. It was adequately explained as far as I was concerned. Life brings us misunderstandings between each other all the time. I can go over dozens of them since I became involved with Project Avalon. Bill and Kerry prefer to move on. I went to look for your post to the Bill Ryan thread and found this post of yours and would like to quote it here:
I'm not holding this against Bill Ryan. We all make mistakes. This part means nothing to me. I could also care less about exposing my view about Bill Deagle's information. What I do care about is the methodology Bill and Kerry use. My concern is that the Cliff High/Bill Ryan issue is symptomatic of something larger. I'm quoting here from my letter to Bill Ryan.

Originally Posted by sjkted
I have heard that one strategy by TPTB to prevent disclosure is when there is a big incident to intentionally write up a bona fide document on the incident that is filled with disinformation and then give it to a certain number of insiders, whom they know will eventually leak the document. There will then be another document describing the real incident which is then given to a substantially smaller number of people and heavily controlled.

This serves two purposes: (1) TPTB know that if there is a serious incident that some leaks cannot be prevented and that people like us will be researching it and trying to find out what happened. By leaking an official document filled with disinfo, it passifies us into not looking for the real information and convinces us we have found all we are looking for. (2) It causes us to believe a lie which can be used in the future to manipulate anyone who has been briefed by the "disinfo" document.

My point in stating this is that if this is the case, nearly all of your sources would correlate the same information, since they had intentionally been given the disinfo document. They would believe what they were telling you and their documentation would be official. The only way this could be disproven would be by trying to correlate the details with outside sources.
I find the contents of the thread here to be similar to the process I am articulating above. Bill Cooper mentioned this numerous times in all of his videos and interviews. In many ways, I think he was much closer to getting it than where we are with Camelot. Please note I'm not attacking anyone, I'm simply referring to his method.

Originally Posted by sjkted
thread- can you FORGIVE us: "Yes, we can and we will. We are starting a domino effect right now. We cannot get to anywhere good in the future until we let good of the old. As more and more people get excited about the future, that excitement will be contagious. With such a positive outlook, there will be no more room to hold on to what has happened in days past."
Yes, that's me too. I forgive and forget quite easily. I don't have a beef with anyone, but I question whether we are providing a service to anyone by submitting bad information like the contents of this thread.

As I stated above, it does happen from time to time. Everyone makes mistakes. I certainly make enough of them myself, to preclude my judging others. The question here is whether we learn from them or continue to repeat them.

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