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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by hippihillbobbi View Post
Originally from Abraxasinas:

Anyway this is another story, but I shared it because this forum here is like a copycat spiritually for this 'spiritual war' between the 'Angels andd the Demons' say.
The difference today is, that the 'singlemindedness' of Yeshuah CAN be shared in comparison to two millennia ago, when it could not (it's in the scriptures, gnostic and synoptic and apocryphal).
So the 'Atlantean Rebellion' of the past and of the pharaoh or elected highpriest has become an 'Earth Rebellion' of today of many pharaohs and elected highpriests.

Abraxas --

WHY is it that the 'singlemindedness' of Yeshuah can be shared today but not two millenia ago? does this refer to the essential event of Yeshua's death-resurrection-ascension, as a necessary catalyst for humanity's spiritual growth and development?

thanks so much for the depth in which you answered my dragon/serpent question above ...... much appreciated.

Indeed hillibill!

Jesus aka Yeshua aka Yeshuah was able to decipher the oldest archetypes available to the human mind.
First as a student of the Essenes at Qumran and then via his extensive sojourns into Egypt, where he studied and debated with the philosophers and the record keepers, say Alexandria.

In about 22 years from about 6AD to 28 AD, Jesus decoded the master scroll of Isaiah in connection with the prophetic timelines in Genesis, Ezekiel and Daniel and so REMEMBERED the 'Big Story' the 'Story of God'.
Jesus so assumed the 'Office of Melchizedek' (or the Plumed Serpent) and became the LOGOS of CREATION. This office is a key to the logos as the 'Alchemy of Creation say' and I have attached it to this message at the end.
The significance of the LOGOS is that only the Logos can change archetypical definitions which are both OUTSIDE material existence and INSIDE of it.
So the MANIFESTED archetypes {say a Man as ADAM and a Woman as EVE} are 'stuck' in the INSIDE and separated from their ABSTRACT originals of the OUTSIDE, if the Real Physical Universe of the selfrelative Inside is distinct from the selfrelative Outside of the Metaphysical Reality.
This is the 'firmament' dividing Heaven from Earth say in Genesis.1.7.

Jesus as the Logos so went on his mission to bring Heaven and Earth back together in changing the archetypes from within the physical creation.

He knew of Ezekiel's 'Valley of Dry Bones' and the 'resurrection archetype'.
He also understood the true meaning of ADAM and EVE, especially the fakeness of Adam and the trueness of EVE as reflections of each other in the mirror of the Eden archetype.
God=True and images himself in Adam, so Adam is false by nature of the mirror.
But the rib of Adam makes Eve real and so Eve is like a 'Wife or Bride' of God, leaving Adam alone as the original God.

Then a fake-God images fake-Adam rendering fake-Adam real relative to the Old Testament God Jehovah or YHWK (the gnostics and Essenes knew this and this became their 'heresy' leading to their persecutions).

So the fake-God 'rapes' true Eve in archetypes to allow BOTH Adam and EVE to 'get out of the paradise fake' and with help of the SERPENT=PRESENT=SONOFMAN=97, i.e. the Melchizedek-Christ.

Being 'out of the fake-God's 'paradise of ignorance'; true Eve gives birth to true Adams carrying however the original false-true dichotomy within the archetypes NOW WITHIN the material universe, the metaphysical universe so being forced to become False relative to the physical reality.

So the overarching archetype is:

Jesus so decides to make ADAM TRUEFALSE and EVE FALSETRUE.
This requires the Father Creator to become a FatherMother and the Mother Creation to change into a MotherFather.

The Old Man aka Adam as archetype so carries the True MindWave of God and a False BodyParticle as his Bodyform.

Corollarily, the Old Woman as archetype carries a True Bodyform but has a 'wrong' mindedness.
All minds in the creation are male and all bodies are female. The REAL MALE and the REAL FEMALE do not yet exist, only characteristics seemingly separating the sexes do.
'All woman think like men, but pretend not to do so and all men have feminine bodies, but pretend to be masculine'.
This is the oldest archetype of the cosmic disharmony in the entire creation.
Much perceived sexism in scriptures illustrates just that, the subjugation of the female mind to the male one; WITHOUT adding that all male bodies must then be subjugated to their female partner's one.
Many men know, that the female rules the bedroom and many scientists know that all earlyembryos are female and turn into males later on in the gestation by DNA/RNA programming.

So Jesus decided to redefine himself as a male of female mindedness and so realised as One the only true real male bodidness ever itherto in material existence.

This, in terms of archetypes, reflected from within the creation the Male Body of the Christ-Logos to the Creation, the Female Body of the Great Mother-Dragon.
So for the first time in the 19.1 billion year history of the material universe; the 'Great Mother' became impregnated with a True Male Babychild {Revelation.12}.
Hitherto all human males born had carried the archetyped female bodyform of Herself.

Now the fake-usurper God Jehovah aka Yaldabaoth aka the Lionface with the Serpenttail (see Secret Book of John from the Nag Hammadi Codex also the Enlil-Enki brotherhood mythology) who was the FAKE-IMAGE of the Real God (Perfect One in said reference) OUTSIDE as the Father-Source-Creator was, for the first time ever, be confronted by His opposite True Female MindWave of Jesus. This 'destroyed' the Identity of the False-God-Image and as the 'wound to one of the seven heads' of the beast in Revelation.13.3.

This then allowed Jesus to ABSORB the entire Creation inside of himself as a redefined himherself - the cosmic twinship of the self as the Egyptian LionTwin and as Didymos Thomas in Gnosis and as the Cosmic Bisexual Androgyne Hermaphrodite - not physically, but archetypically.

But this had to be restricted to the ONENESS of Jesus. HeShe could not share herhis new cosmic ID, because the 'holographically' concentrated universe remained 'trapped' in the indviduated bodyform of Jesus.

So Jesus knew that heshe had to 'give up' his old body to get a new one allowing the hologram to multiply as One in Many.
His Old male body would have to become the CORE of any old AdamMan and this Old Man, would have to Understand the Story of God to allow Jesus to POSSESS HIM as the SUCCUBUS of the old 'demonic' archetypes.
This Old Man had indeed the true mind of the creator and so the story would have the potential to be understood.

The Old Woman would also be asked to allow Jesus to become HER Core, but not in body but in mind. The Old Woman carried the Power of the Body as EVE the Great Mother Dragon and so required no redefinition in bodyform, but her mindwave was 'contaminated' or possessed in the image of the usurper God in Jehovah's fake-malemindedness.
The Old Woman required the INCUBUS of the Christ-Logos to POSSESS HER, replacing the old demonic archetypes.
Jesus IS the Lion of Judah {Revelation.5.5} and must be 'eaten' as the true meaning of the 'Last Supper' and the 'Eucharist' of catholicism.
Jesus IS the BODY of the UNIVERSE, now quarantining the Earth in the archetype of Gaia as the BODY of a New Earth to be born following the timeline of the 'Mother in the Wilderness' in Revelation.12.

Skeptical enquirers ask yourself; WHY is Jesus REBORN in Heaven after Ascension and supposedly 'Sitting at the right side of the Father'?
Reason, this rebirth is not ONE but the MANY 'being able to handle the ONE'!

(07) Jesus says:
"Blessed is the lion that a person will eat and the lion will become human.
And cursed (anathema) is the person whom a lion will eat and the lion will become human."

(80) Jesus says:
"Whoever has come to know the world has found the (dead) body.
But whoever has found the (dead) body, of him the world is not worthy."

(108) Jesus says:
"Whoever will drink from my mouth will become like me.
I myself will become he, and what is hidden will be revealed to him."

An ancient inscription is legendarily ascribed to the Egyptian Ibisgod Thoth and is supposedly his hieroglyphic legacy left as a testimonial in the Great Pyramid of Cheops or Khufu.
It was translated ages ago by German archaeologists and exists as a prototype in the 'Amphitheatrum Sapientae Aeternae of Heinrich Khunrath', the 'Amphitheatre of Eternal Wisdom' and is dated to 1609.

Verba secretorum hermetis!

(1) Verum sine menda cio certum & verissimum, quod est inferi est sicut quod est superius & quod est superius est sicut quod est inferius; ad peristranda miracula rei uni.
(2) Et sicut omnes res fuerunt ab uno, meditatione unius, sic omnes res nuta fuerunt ab hac
una adaptatione.
(3) Pater ei, est sol, mater eius luna, portavit illud ventus in ventre.
(4) Suo nutrix eius terra est.
(5) Pater omnis talismi toti mundi.
(6) Est hic vis ei.
(7) Integra est sive fuerit in terram separabis terram ab igne, subtile & spisso, suaviter cum magno ingenio.
(8) Ascendit terra in coelum, iterumque descendit in terram & recipit vim superiorum & inferiorum.
(9) Sic habebis gloriam toti mundi.
(10) Ideo fugi atite omnis obscuritas.
(11) Hic est totius fortitudinis fortitudo fortis.
(12) Quia vincet omnem rem subtilem, omnem que solidam penetrabit.
(13) Sic mundus creatus est.
(14) Hinc erunt adaptationes mirabilis quarum modus hic est.
(15) Itaque vocatus sum Hermes Trismegistus, habens tres partes philosophie totis mundi.
(16) Completum est quod dixi de operatione solis.
Mercurius Trismegistus in Pimandro.

Das Wort des geheimnisvollen Boten

(1) Wahrhaftig, keiner Luegen bewusst und auf das aller wahrhaftigste; das Unten ist dem Oben gleich und das Obere is dasselbe als da Untere; damit kann man das wunderbare eines einzigen Dinges erlangen und verrichten.
(2) Und wie alle Dinge durch die Wahl eines einzigen Wesens erschaffen sind, werden alle Dinge durch das Denken eines Einzigen mit dem Einen duch Schickung und Gebot wieder zusammengefuegt.
(3) Die Sonne ist sein Vater und der Mond ist seine Mutter, der Wind hat ihn in seinem Bauch getragen.
(4) Seine Ernaehrerin oder Amme ist die Erde.
(5) Dieser ist der Vater aller Vollkommenheit dieser ganzen Welt.
(6) Seine Macht ist vollkommen.
(7) Wenn Es in der Erde verwandelt wird, dann wird das Erdreich vom Feuer scheiden und das Feine vom Groben; ganz lieblich mit grosser Bescheidenheit und Verstand.
(8) Er steigt von der Erde in den Himmel und vom Himmel wieder zur Erde zurueck und gewinnt so die Kraft des Oberen und des Unteren.
(9) Auf diese Weise wird all die Herrlichkeit der ganzen Welt erhalten.
(10) Deshalb versetze von Dir allen Unverstand und Unvermoegenheit.
(11) Das ist von aller Staerke die staerkste Staerke.
(12) Dann kann das uebriggebliebene Subtile gewonnen und das alte, harte Gewand durchdrungen werden.
(13) Also ist die Welt geschaffen.
(14) Daher geschehen seltsame Vereinigungen und deshalb werden mancherlei Wunder gewirkt.
(15) Und sei darum gesund, Hermes Trismegistus, Besitzer der dreiteiligen Weisheit von der ganzen Welt.
(16) Er wird alles erfuellen, was ich gesagt habe, vom Werke der Sonnen.
Merkur, der dreifach Grosse, in Pimandro.

The Emerald Tablet of the Secret Messenger

(1) Truly, without fault and in all certainty and truthfulness; what is below is like what is above and the above is the same as the below, for the purpose to experience and bring about the wonders of the one thing.
(2) And as all things are created through the choosing of one being; so the thinking of one with the one, brings all things by command and fate together again.
(3) His father is the sun and his mother is the moon; the wind has carried him in his womb.
(4) He is joined together and nursed by the earth.
(5) This is the father of all completeness of the entire world.
(6) His power is all inclusive.
(7) At the time of its renewal, the soil shall separate from the fire and the subtle from the rough,
acting sweetly and with great ingenuity.
(8) He ascends sagaciously from the earth into heaven and then descends again into the earth, thus regaining the unifying force of the above and the below.
(9) In this way is all the glory of all the worlds obtained.
(10) Therefore avoid all ignorance.
(11) Herein is found in all strenght the strongest strength.
(12) By this can the remaining subtle whole be won and the old solid whole be penetrated.
(13) Thus is the creation of the world.
(14) Henceforth the eventuation of strange adaptations by extraordinary methods.
(15) Accordingly be well, Hermes Trismegistos, keeper of the tripartite wisdom of the unified worlds.
(16) He will accomplish that of which I have spoken through the operations of the suns.
Mercury, the thrice-great, in Pimandro.

So who is this Hermes Trismegistos?
It is the archetype for the 'Teacher of Righteousness.
Right throughout the ages of humankind, there have been sages, soothsayers, prophets and mystics of all kinds; some sincere and others praying on the superstitions and the gullibilities of the general members of the population.

One remembers the Naassenes; an early Christian Gnostic sect and closely associated with Jesus-Yeshuah.

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