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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally from Abraxasinas:

Anyway this is another story, but I shared it because this forum here is like a copycat spiritually for this 'spiritual war' between the 'Angels andd the Demons' say.
The difference today is, that the 'singlemindedness' of Yeshuah CAN be shared in comparison to two millennia ago, when it could not (it's in the scriptures, gnostic and synoptic and apocryphal).
So the 'Atlantean Rebellion' of the past and of the pharaoh or elected highpriest has become an 'Earth Rebellion' of today of many pharaohs and elected highpriests.

Abraxas --

WHY is it that the 'singlemindedness' of Yeshuah can be shared today but not two millenia ago? does this refer to the essential event of Yeshua's death-resurrection-ascension, as a necessary catalyst for humanity's spiritual growth and development?

thanks so much for the depth in which you answered my dragon/serpent question above ...... much appreciated.

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