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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by berathebrain View Post
This is an interesting number properties. The sum of numbers is equal to the sum of primes squared, and to make it even more weird and interesting, that number is 666!
My question to you abraxasinas is: "Are there more of these numbers other than 666 that represents the link between numbers I described above?"

Thank you for you answers.
Hi berathebrain!

There are many, like Pascal's Triangle leading into polynomials and the binomial coefficients.
Much of this you can find on the internet.
Something you will not yet find on the internet is the 33-tiered Maria-Matrix. It is here on this forum in thread:

A very basic one and related to the above thread are the Perfect Numbers
of the Greeks.

Schismatic and Sacred Science & Perfect Numbers

The Greek alchemy of course became 'modern chemistry' and Plato's five elements mapped as his 'perfect solids' and later as say 'quantum gauge interactions' in the post-Newtonian science redefining itself.

The Aristotelean physics of precise measurement of the physical parameters was retained and the Platonist-Pythagorean physics of 'divine perfection' became largely abandoned in this scientific reformation.

Something of a remnant could not be erased in this new scientific paradigm however - the 'science of divinity' or the science of 'creative providence'.
This residue today pervades all sections and strata of society and is a powerful component of all political, religious and cultural institutions.
So even if this 'science of divinity' or 'omniscience' is a purely psychological construct and without any physical measurement significance whatsoever; it still plays an important, sometimes even dominant role in the affairs of states and national agendas of whatever political persuasion and affiliation.

So can one find a common factor UNITING all those psychological constructs in a form acceptable to the 'Mensuration Science' and perhaps in a form more akin the 'science of divinity' of Newton and the Greek alchemists?
One can do so, if one can discover a 'common denominator' for the divinity sciences, invariably coloured in the codes of language and interpretations.

And here one can introduce certain 'emotion charged' labellings or words, such as ALLAH and GOD and AL QAEDA as factors of the omniscience.
Then in other words, using the psychology of the historical residue of divinity science, this also holds the key to unite the religions, say linked to political constructs and affairs of state. This could be followed perhaps, by a more global and political unity, born from a new understanding of its own linguistic codes.

And then it does not really matter if the 'gods and allahs' exist in a physical reality or only as psychological constructs, created or invented by sentient 'citizens'.
Because 'they' most assuredly exist as psychological creations; 'they' carry a significant 'emotional energy', which perhaps can be modelled in a form of 'consciousness' in physical parameters following an unification of the language codes underpinning 'their' reality as 'emotion-charged' and say mental energy constructions.

This will introduce a scenario, where no numbers exist at all; so the decoding following is necessarily post-facto and assuming the Set of Natural Numbers N, say given in a statement, such as: N={1,2,3,4....n; nn+1 PMI}; and where PMI is a label for a procedure termed Principle of Mathematical Induction.

'Perfect Numbers' or PN's are those numbers of the set N, which add all their factors to sum their eigenstate or self-identity.

Then the first PN is PN1=6=1+2+3=1.2.3=√(6)=(1.2.3)^1.

The second PN is PN2=28=1+2+4+7+14=√(28)=√(^=√784.

PN3=496=1+2+4+8+16+31+62+124+248=( 4.248)^ and


In more detail:


We shall reencounter the mathematical form of.. Σ=[n][n+1] later, but note here, that there exists this 'special number' x=2 as the solution for the quadratic x+x=2x=x=4 or x-2x=0.

This is the only number of the set N, whose 'doubling' is identical to its 'squaring'.

It also defines the 'Derivative' of the 'Perfect Square' x as d(x)=2x.dx.
We may also define a set PN={PN1; PN2; PN3; PN4;...PNn}={6; 28; 496; 8128;...PNn} and as a subset of N.

We now write:
PN1+PN2=6+28=34=1+2+3+4+(4.6)=10+4.6 and

Additional decompositions can then be constructed in 'Pure Number Theory'. The emphasis here is on the factorisation of the factors 4, 6 and 7; as those factors shall reappear in the cosmogenesis of the universe from an algorithmic number string.

10=1+2+3+4 is of course the Pythagorean Tetractys for the basis of dimensions and defines the Platonic Tetrahedron as the basic minimal structure for a 3D-Volume in a 4D-Spacetime.

1 point represents the 0th dimension or 'singularity', forming the 1st dimension in connecting to a second such point as a straight- or curved line, the latter being named geodesic and as the shortest connection between the two points as 1D.

2D is formed in connecting both points to a noncollinear 3rd point as a triangular plane, either flat or curved as say sperically convex or hyperbolically concave.

3D then is the introduction of a 4th point, noncoplanar to the 2D triangular plane constructing the Platonic Tetrahedron.

Omniscience aka the 'science of divinity' of the Greek alchemists now allows the arbitrary assignment of alphanumeric codes, which so enable us to proceed with the unification of the languages underpinning the politico-social and religio-cultural constructs of global societies.

We begin with ONE and TWO in assigning SOME alphanumeric mapping, say the Arabic Alphabet in a ONE-to-ONE correspondence with the set N, say in the set of pairings, given by:

We also introduce a property of the set N in rootreducing a decimal 10-count in the repeatability of the 9 elements in a definition:

9=0+9=1+8=18*=2.9*=2+7=27*=3.9**=3+6=36***=49***=. ..(10-1)=99**********=11.9**********=....etc . etc.

We have ONE=15+14+5=34→3+4=7 and TWO=20+23+15=58→5+8=13=4*.

Now we apply a 'Perfect Symmetry' to some of our linguistic labellings, irrespective from the native language they derived, albeit translated.
ALLAH=ALHLA=34=ONE and ALHLA as an anagram of ALLAH is rendered perfectly symmetric in reading the same from right to left, as it does from left to right.

Also we have GOD=26=ALHLA-8 and where 26 represents the total number count of the applied alphanumeric code, so unifying two linguistics in a perfect symmetry in a first application. The code would extend in multiples akin the rootreduction applied before in A*=27; B*=28;...;A**=53 and so on.

GOD+H=ALLAH=GOD+8=GOD+∞, both symbolically and symmetrically.

TWO=GODDOG+6=52+6 and where now ABBA=6 defines the 1st BASE as the first Perfect Number in the selfsame 'Perfect Symmetry'.
So alphanumerically, ALLAH encompasses GOD as ONE in a 'Perfect Symmetry' and this symmetry 'Doubles GOD' in the ONE as TWO in the addition of the first basic PN1=6=1+2+3=1.2.3.


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