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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Initiate View Post
In Contemplation of this issue the following decoding came about:

Adam and Eve in the Garden and the First Sin

When Eve and subsequently Adam were tempted to bite of the apple and then told that they were naked. Could it not be that the "nakedness" was derived from Satan telling Eve that she was unprotected from unseen spiritual entities etc. and needed the knowledge to shield herself from these things. The knowledge was given but whilst it shielded her from the unseen it also shielded her from God. Adam was tempted by Eve in this way also. This was the real sin. That Humanity cut them selves off from God when they were trying to ward off the unseen. The reality is that all the protection we need is in our one on one relationship with God. By raising a shield we cut ourselves off.

If we can undress and stand with our cloths under our feet in front of god unashamed then we have found our way home. Nothing can touch us if we do this.
Your last quote is very true Initiate.
His disciples said: "When will you appear to us, and when will we see you?"

Jesus said: "When you undress without being ashamed and take your clothes and put them under your feet like little children (and) trample on them, then you will see the son of the Living One, and you will not be afraid."

Jesus says: "Whoever will come to know father and mother, he will be called son of a whore."

However the Thuban story of the temptation is rather different, then the conventional interpretation as in the above.

ADAM=Every Man as archetype and EVE=Every Woman as archetype.
Because Eve comes out of Adam as a 'Rib' Eve is part of Man and so disempowered.

To get her feminine power back, she must transform into EQUALITY with Adam via LILITH, the Hebrew SexDemoness or Succubus.

LILITH refuses to 'lay beneath' ADAM in the archetype of the sexual union and so goes into the wilderness as the 'Exiled Great DragonMother' of the Universe-Creation.
Then Eve is 'made from Adam' and is ENTICED by the CHRIST-SERPENT REDEEMER (Melchizedek as the Plumed Serpent Kukulkan in Mayan cosmology) to EAT the 'Knowledge of Good and Evil'.

The Jehovah in Eden is the usurper fake God Yaldabaoth (who doesn't even know where Adam and Eve are after their enlightenment so there is your omniscient LORD GOD exposed).

The fake-God is the GREAT FAKE-DRAGON (the REd Devil in Revelation say) as the fake-ADAM, the latter without one of his ribs.

EVE redeems ADAM in 'learning the truth' and so becomes the AMBASSADORA for LILITH, say in the VIRGO being protected and accompanied by the UNICORN.

So EVE riding the UNICORN becomes the transformation of the Great Mother (Gaia is the ambassadora for the Universe in toto here) as the Unicorn becoming 'tamed' by her 'worthy and enlightened' DAUGHTERS.

This REDEEMS LILITH as the NEW EVE and also REDEEMS ADAM in substituting the Bad OLD Yaldabath DRAGON of the MALE DEVILISHNESS as being a SON of the Great Mother-Dragon, namely the NEW ADAM as being 'ridden' by EVE - just as the story of Lilith was at the beginning.

The demoness Lilith becomes angelic Eve and the REAL flesh and blood and spirit EVE becomes enabled to form EQUALITY partnership with a real flesh and blood and spirit ADAM under the auspices of the metamorphosis of Fake-God into ADAM and Fake-Goddess into EVE.

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