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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Hi Initiate!

This is a good question. How does one get 'outside' of the creation?

The answer is simple, yet profound.
Should you consider the 'creation' as a spacetime construct, that is some 'place' experienced at some 'time' by something you might term 'self-conscious' or 'self-unconscious'; then the answer must relate to find the 'space' and 'time' of creation, when there was no creation.

So then this nospace and notime also must be considered in their nature and/or nonmanifestation.

Say you create a fantasy creature like a Unicorn with seven horns, instead of one.
You IMAGINE this unicorn in RELATING your earlier experiences in your thoughtforms. You know what a unicorn supposed to look like from say a fairy tale book; you colour it white and place a horn (say akin that of a narwhale) upon it and then IMAGINE the superpositioning of six other say smaller horns protruding around the bigger horn from the horse-like Unicornian head.

Ok, I am sure you could do that.
But now imagine yourself of never having seen a horse and the colour white or a narwhale and the label of 'unicorn' is meaningless to you because of your LACK OF REFERENCE FRAME.

So you cannot create your sevenhorned unicorn for lack of background data.

This scenario then describes the Thuban presence in the 12th dimension.
The 12th dimension can only BE the 12th dimension, because the lower dimensions 1-11 exist.
So the 12D is REFERENCE FRAME for the lowerD in terms of spacetime construction.

Then reducing the cosmogony even further will allow you to reach the point where the 1st dimension does not yet exist.

So what is 'before' 1D - 0D!
But 0D as a mathematical point also is descriptive of InfiniteD in the VOID becoming so defined as the INVERSE of ETERNITY.
This Reciprocoity is akin the primordial polarity of something opposite yet unifiable.
This is high school algebra and group theory in the Identity parameters for addition and multiplication.

A+(-A)=0 {say 2-2=0} for addition and Ax1/A=1 {say 2x1/2=1} for multiplication.

Your question about FORM so derives from this also - the mathematical archetypical superstructure is IMMANENT or INTRINSIC to the Emergence of FORM.

So why can the Thuban Council BE 'outside' creation?
They are situated in the VOID=ETERNITY AS the prespacetime mode of creation.
They so are able to MAP the VOID=INFINITY of nospacetime onto the material creation as a 12D Reference Frame, so allowing the 11-dimensional universe to draw upon and utilize the Thubanese definition and creaton processes.

If one works for 24 hours answering questions and all during the night; it is not unreasonable to say 'Good Night' at local noontime.

You have asked an intelligent and pertinent question Initiate and the Thuban Council extends its gratitude to you for asking it.

Thanks abraxas for your answers. I thought you were asking me to take a sleep. I know you work long hours in your service.

I am still struggling with the coucil existing outside of creation in the void.

If I assume:

all of creation = 1
the void = 0
0/infinity = 0
1/infinity ~ 0 but <> 0

how can something exist in nothing?

Is it not more of the case that the Council exist in what they as yet have not defined? Even though it is not defined it is still something?



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