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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

While trying to "organize" the posts here and get out of them what I see to be needed most at this time I made a "summary". It is totally possible I screwed up and that summary is incorrect!

What I see relevant might not be relevant to all...I am not "lecturing" here...I am just..."thinking things through" a way....

But it might help others that to...touch, smell, taste, understand better...

The short summary thus far:

The name is Sirebard Beardris - One of the Founding Elders of the Council of Thuban also known as the Northstar Alpha Draconis

Northstar Alpha Draconis is at the original/prototype foundation of the Pyramids at Giza and the Harmakhis, the 'Horus of the Horizon' aka the Sphinx.

The god of sun?

You are not entirely here physically on Earth or Gaia or Terra or Akashia, but known as Serpentina the Mother of the Dragons, by many extraterrestrial sentiences. You will arrive when the planet will go through transformation. This process will cause a wormhole to appear in the center of the planet. This wormhole will make a "connection" which will enable the Council of Thuban to come here.

After the opening of the wormhole there will be a "process" in which the universe size will increase - the planet will ascend from 4th into the 5th dimension.

On January 18th, 2010 - a trigger, programmed by the Council of Thuban, to engage in the release of yet unknown information; unknown by all sentiences in the universe and so not restricted to the quarantined Earth

This information is traveling from quasar radio source, also known as Sagittarius A.

Quasars = first identified as being high redshift sources of electromagnetic energy, including radio waves and visible light, that were point-like, similar to stars.

Sagittarius A = is a bright and very compact astronomical radio source at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy

Hunab Ku = Perseus = Ouroboros = the Milky Way is the center of ALL galaxies.

On January 18th, 2010 this message will be 153 light weeks or 1071 light days from the Gaian center, having traveled for 25624 years to reach its destination.

From January 18th, you can to freely share the information from the collective database of Thuban.

1071 light days = 27741115225555.2 kilometers

The Reptilian agenda is misunderstood?

Alpha Draconians have gone "senile" and forgot about how it all started?

They consider themselves to be the biggest and the brightest and the Andromedan suggestion that the humans could be the Paa Taal is frightening to them since it shatters their believe system?

Alpha Draconians "mixed" their DNA with human in the past.

We the people...are creators of our experience...the experience is formed by how we put out our energy of thought and perception to the doing so we mirror ourselves in everything that happens to us...and...this is the process which helps us to find out how to love ourselves? This happens when we have enough experience to truly appreciate the good stuff???

During that experience we can create the falseness of images...and have a distorted view on all that is?

We can experience things completely different than someone else that stands right besides us?

We see what we want to see...or hear...or feel?

There is no judge or jury...there is just us and what we choose to experience?

At the end of all things...there is no king, no higher authority...there is just us and what we make?

The agenda of all agendas is to realize that....we just simply are...and can be what we want to be... the rest (all the shadow, nwo, Illuminati, draconian agenda...etc) is just...a bump in the road...just something we made to experience it?

There is no "must" for anyone to become or do hierarchy to climb up expectations to live up to?

Project Camelot is a good thing since it brings people together and enables the discussion about relevant subjects? This can bring people of same thought together and form collectives. The "other side" also has a beneficial effect since the individual "collective" is formed and than we have polarization between the collectives?

What is this polarization?

Free Will might be a bad choice of words since it is given to choose to experience whatever you choose to experience with 1 exception - one can not deexist can choose not to live miserably?

The ET ships at present cannot enter the realm of the Earth in a physical manner to a distance of 2 million kilometers (encompassing the Moon and so 5% to the planet Venus)...

However inter dimensionally UFO they are like the clouds you see in the sky in a plasmic form.

This is due to the Frequency Shield?
Is this shield the quarantine this planet is under?
Why is it under quarantine?
So we can no go and spread our "humanity" in other places?

Since 2010 it will be possible for (1 in 50,000 at the time we have 7,2 billion people) inhabitants of the earth to represents a Core for a new star-humanity and Post 2012 there will so be TWO different RACES of humans inhabiting this planet - Old Humans and New Star-humans.

We will be living together in am "harmony"?

Thx for the answer about the begging of all that is...I have page 4 saved (before it was changed) so the answer is full...I have this all thread saved on my pc in case...."something might happen". I will have to that answer again...several times....

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