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Default Re: WebBot - just a thought...

Originally Posted by nagual View Post
A friend of mine is a software engineer working for a huge video-game company. He says the way the WebBot works is pretty simple, sending 'little spiders' to grab keywords here and there throughout the internet (we know that), now, he also says that is even easier for somebody (TPTB) to create another software that will travel the net leaving specific keywords to be picked-up by the 'little spiders'...

So I'm wondering...

TPTB knows that the WebBot report will be read by people like us, and then in different ways we will pass the info on to people around us, and the process will repeat a few times reaching many others.
And since we are all connected, all those keywords/events will be imprinted into the collective mind...

Now, we know that the future is fluid and we create our own reality, so wouldn't be possible that TPTB is telling the WebBot what to tell us in order to draw the energy needed to make those things happen?

Just a thought....
Definitely sounds realistic... after all we are telling the internet who and what we are all about.

So would that mean we created an "Artificial Intelligence" unwittingly through our own input into the web after all this time? And then the tptb created their own "Artificial Intelligence (2)" to insert into the web to combat what we the masses originally inputted as our collective state of mind?

I think you certainly may be onto something Nagual... if anything to see how we originally created an influence that provides a database of the current mass mind.

So ya, you know what it would only make sense to create a second Artificial Intelligence (2) to scour the current 'AI' in order to learn the state of the masses and then filter and assimilate what and how to infiltrate the 'opinion' of the current mass mind embedded within the 'AI'1.
Kinda like an exit poll, and then report a spin on that exit poll to sway beliefs or perception slowly by slowly.

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