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Default Re: Help! Where to start?

For me ...My research into the unknowns brought me to the point where i realized theres more to life than meets the eye....its was several months after that before I actually was moved enough to start meditating (it felt like something was calling me to do it) it was a slow start for me but once I started my life changed. I started by just sitting somewhere comfortable, quite, with no interruptions & totally relaxed, close your eyes & start by only thinking about things that you love most, family, moms , dads, kids ,pets things that makes you happy, Be grateful for those things, grateful for being here another day. I also listened to some guided meditations i found on the web that helped me with my breathing & stuff. Its different for everyone but the idea is the same...look to the love that is inward. Love yourself , & go from there , follow your heart . Its what we were meant to do.

Might i suggest
as a good starting point.

Love & Peace
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