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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
This time matrix has but 12 dimensions, the 15th of Ayesha is the 6th, as its first resonance 1+5=6.

And you are misreading the information from Thuban.
The mass of the earth is about 6x10^24 kilograms. This mass is insufficient to 'black hole' the earth by a factor of 500,000.

The 'black holed' earth is 'higher dimensional' as a earth-mass-equivalent and will be the information collected by Gaia in its 4.8 billion year history of physical existence.

have you not read, that the 3D-earth shall remain as it is as a planetary orb?
Gaia's ascension is interdimensional, not physical.

Are you afraid of yourself dear wingmaker?
Cannot you remember from whence you came?
As Celine has said - the message between galactic center and planetary center and using the solar center as a conduit is very simple.
The Master Dragon says to you: "I love you, please try to remember me, my prodigal son!"

You are mistaken in your assumptions dear, there are 15 manifested dimensions in 5 Harmonic Universes appart from the God worlds that are beyond that and don't get qualifyed as dimensions. Human scientist will soon discover that is the case. Anyway I see you are just repeting what you have been told in your channeling

Her name is A'sha not Ayesha so do me a favour, study the material and don't make presumtions, I am not here to do the work for you

I have given you enough information for you to ponder...and the link to the "Introductory-Topic Summary 2" please note the word "Introductory". The paper is about 50 pages long and will answer a lot of questions for you. Obviously you are free to choose whatever path you want, we all have still free chooice but not for long if the fallen dragons have their way... I believe that contraty to the Drakonian/Reptilian/NWO agenda, people should have the opportunity to see the two sides and make their informed decision and not be draged into the "illusion" of ascension when they are actually falling into a black hole and becoming like any other fallen angels... lifeless as they get detached from their god source and lose their eternal potential

The peoples of this planet have the right to chose, openly to have all the information...why your masters hide it?

Since you say the information from the MCEO Guardian Alliance 2nd summary is disinformation, without having taken the trouble of even reading it, I say yours is too; difference is that I took the trouble of reading it and I think much of it is nonsense to try to make it look scientifical. Prove to me with scientific facts that what you say is correct with the citation of the relevant scientific papers and I will believe you

What it is true is that your masters are intending to blast us with a pulse with the intention to create the 6th and final extinction on Earth by creating pole shift in 2012. Don't we have the right to chose our destiny?

I am not a wingmaker but

I AM a Child of the Original ONE
I AM a Ray of the Original Sun
I AM wholeness, I AM love

I AM the Truth that Spans the Sands of Time.....

I don't need your dragons to come and patronize me, twist the words of the CDT plates and play them against me, thank you

I don't have any masters for I AM one with the divine...thankfully I KNOW the truth first hand and can not get bambuzled with soft ego enhancing words

It seems that you are not aware of it but you are in the path of fall? are you to forgo your eternal life for finite vampire life? or you have already done monadic reversal? I respect your choice...and my love for you is eternal, all the same one day all the fallen ones will come back home as space dust for nothing is ouside of the divine

There are many things your masters have not told you I see...

In Eternal love
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