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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger View Post
iS this why the work,
we've been working on over the past 33 years
(and, have NOT put out, in full form)
has been done, with both density/and, dimension

where you anchor completed work in dimension
and, you do actual / NOW TYME work in density ???

And, that was how we knew,
that HH's work, was NOTHING more
than a set-up for a 6th density (high astral) harvest ???
Yes goddess Susan, daughter of Shu.
The timedimension is an illusion but as said by Thuban, the linear experience of universal life requires timeconnector dimensions.
These are 4th, 7th and 10th density in the semantics you use.
Because of the opening of the 12D wormhole a 13th density has now become the recircularisation of the entire spacetime construct defining the 11 dimensional universe in inertia.
So now, and as you have known for some time now, the simplest of all of the densities, the first one has or can be coupled to the highest of the 13th. This will not eliminate the linear timetravelling experience in 4th, 7th or 10th density; BUT it will allow anyone able to RESONATE with the 'founding frequencies' to utilize the advanced wormhole technology hitherto restricted to the graduation and hierarchy of the dimensional nestings.
In some manner, without the timeconnectors, there are so 4 space continua-quantizations. 1-2-3 Linespace; 4-5-6 Hyperspace of Rotational Freedom degrees about the linear axes (say XYZ); 7-8-9 Quantumspace of vibrational freedom degrees of oscillations within the axes and 10-11-12 Omnispace of the dimensional extension of this proto-universe into phaseshifted multiverses.

All 12 dimensions are colocal and so the interdimensional contacts of so many of you are happenstance right where you are and not in some 'outer space'.

Your destiny is to one day become a phaseshifed universe, the one you ponder now in thought and in body. Your biovital cells shall be the galaxies you now observe and your attire shall be other universes you have fun and joy interacting with in love and self remembrance and a sense of exploration and adventure.

PS.: Until January 18th, I, Abraxasinas shall attempt to answer questions on Thuban's behalf. But from that date, the answers given will be more authoritative.
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