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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post
The Guardian Alliance spans to the Yunasai, well beyond the 15 dimension of this time matrix, please read the whole sumary so you are clear who they are. It is my understanding that the Drako - Reptilians are the ones that are disinform us in order to drag us into a black hole....

We are under the rule of the Drakos and Reptilians in this planet since the fall of Atlantis about 10,000 BC (sorry can not remeber the exact date), I don't see anything good happening here.... and going inside a black hole, and getting all my energy and the energy of my soul and spirit stolen and eaten, to fuel for their black hole as an appealing option for me or the Human race, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe..

If you are in touch with them could you please ask them to leave our planet in peace? Haven't they cause enogh harm by robbing the Human Angelic their right to ascend through the stargates that now we have to go through a much more difficult process? Isn't it enough that they have killed the sun and now it will nova by 2900?

Enough is enough! no to NWO, no to Drakonians and Reptilians in this planet or our solar system, galaxy and universe please tell them to GO AWAY!
This time matrix has but 12 dimensions, the 15th of Ayesha is the 6th, as its first resonance 1+5=6.

And you are misreading the information from Thuban.
The mass of the earth is about 6x10^24 kilograms. This mass is insufficient to 'black hole' the earth by a factor of 500,000.

The 'black holed' earth is 'higher dimensional' as a earth-mass-equivalent and will be the information collected by Gaia in its 4.8 billion year history of physical existence.

have you not read, that the 3D-earth shall remain as it is as a planetary orb?
Gaia's ascension is interdimensional, not physical.

Are you afraid of yourself dear wingmaker?
Cannot you remember from whence you came?
As Celine has said - the message between galactic center and planetary center and using the solar center as a conduit is very simple.
The Master Dragon says to you: "I love you, please try to remember me, my prodigal son!"


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