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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

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there is more in the same article...


The date of 2012 AD was chosen by the Illuminati-Elder races as the point of fulfillment for their Master Plan Prime Objective because this is the date-period in which the Fall-Gate system of Parallel Earth and Parallel Milky Way open into the Metatronic wormholes in our Galactic Core. It is thus the point in time at which the Alpha-Omega Alignment between Earth’s accelerated Templar and the fallen Parallel Galactic Templar system can engage inorganic Metatronic Blending through the Metatronic wormhole system in the black hole core of our Milky Way Galaxy. Simply put, the Metatronic Encryption Lattice of Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates aligns with that of the fallen Parallel Earth and Milky Way, through our Galactic Core, to engage the “Alpha-Omega Fall Path Alignment.”

What is the core purpose behind the Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective of forcing Earth into “Alpha-Omega Fall Path Alignment” in 2012 — and how can they achieve this Prime Objective?
During the “Illuminati Templar victory” of the 10,948 BC Atlantean period, the Illuminati force succeeded in establishing a long-range electromagnetic wormhole-link between the Solar Star-Gates at the core of our Sun, and those at the core of our “Parallel Sun” within the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy. The Illuminati-Elder races refer to the Fall-aligned black hole system of the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy as the “Alpha Wormhole System,” as it is the “beginning point” from which their progressive invasion into our Milky Way Galaxy was launched long ago. The Illuminati-Elders refer to our Milky Way Galaxy as the “Omega Wormhole System,” as it is the “intended end point” at which their progressive invasion will be complete, with the fulfillment of the Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective; hence the term “Alpha-Omega Fall Path Alignment.”


More from this article in the link in my previous post

I don't want to go into a black hole!!!!! Where is the cavalry
The Guardian Alliance is within the lower dimensional universe and so is part and parcel of the 'confusion-disinformation' scenario.
As you say, choose well and discern with the vibrations of your heart's remembrance and apply your Feeling Mind to your Thinking Heart.
Many of you engage heart and mind the other way around and pride themselves of doing so.

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