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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

It seems that the Guardian Alliance has a differente perspective regarding Earth being blasted by a pulse from Sagitarius A and it does not look good

Will Earth’s current “SAC ‘Ascension Cycle’ Star-Gate opening period” continue?
Yes, but with extensive modifications, which will be progressively addressed in coming MCEO teachings. In 2003 Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gate System fell to Metatronic Illuminati control; the MCEO Guardians’ efforts to rehabilitate the Amenti Gates failed by the end of 2003. And thus the Encryption Lattice of Earth’s Amenti Star-Gates no longer aligns with the organic Ascension Passages of the Living Cosmos, but rather aligns with the Metatronic wormhole structures that interface with the fallen Parallel Earth–Parallel Milky Way Black Hole System.

With the fall of the Amenti Gates in 2003, the MCEO Guardians have progressively activated a very ancient network of trans-dimensional Earth Interface Star-Gates which include the “Arc of the Covenant–Hub Gate Network,” the “Polarian Gate System,” and the “Na-VA’-Ho Spanner Core Gate System,” which together, in 2012, will allow for the opening of the “Aurora Silver Seed Gates,” through which Earth’s Templar can retain direct connection to the Living Cosmic Templar Ascension Passages, despite the Illuminati’s scheduled 2012 opening of the Fall-aligned Parallel Alpha-Omega Gates into Earth’s captured Halls of Amenti Star-Gate system. Through opening of the Aurora Silver Seed Gates, Earth’s Arc of the Covenant, Polarian and Na-VA’-Ho Spanner Core Gate Networks will fully open in 2012, keeping the potentials of Genuine Eternal Life Ascension viable on Earth during the current SAC.

Why did Illuminati-Elders schedule the fulfillment of their Master Plan Prime Objective for 2012 AD? In 22,326 BC the Illuminati Earth Templar Quest ended in a “stalemate” between Guardian and Illuminati races. Since that time, both groups knew that the “Templar Conflict Drama Showdown” would occur during the next SAC Star-Gate opening period, as the Illuminati Force required Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates to be open in order to fulfill their agenda of using inorganic Metatronic wormhole structures to “blend the Encryption Lattice of Earth’s Templar with that of the fallen Parallel Milky Way Galaxy.” Earth’s next SAC was not due until 4230 AD, but the Metatronic Fall Gate artificial wormhole structures of the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy and Parallel Earth were due to open in our time equivalent of 2012 AD.

In the 13,400 BC and 10,948 BC Earth Atlantean periods, the Illuminati Force succeeded in orchestrating two inorganic accelerations of Earth’s “wobble,” “precession of the equinox” cycle and Encryption Lattice. These accelerations caused an inorganic time-acceleration within portions of Earth’s Templar and Halls of Amenti Star-Gate system, which would cause Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates to open prematurely in the 2012–2013 AD period, for Encryption Lattice blending with the opened Fall Gate Cycle of the Parallel Milky Way Black Hole System. Earth’s Amenti Gates would open in this period only if there were a sufficient number of Illuminati-Human hybrid races on Earth to “run the bio-electronic Amenti Gate Codes” into Earth’s Templar during this “Parallel Gate Alignment.” The Illuminati Parallel Gate Alignment is called the “Alpha-Omega Alignment,” which occurs between October 2012 and February 2013, with peak alignment on December 21, 2012.

If the Illuminati-Elder agenda succeeded, Earth’s Amenti Star-Gates would be prematurely forced open to engage direct Encryption Lattice and Merkaba Field Blend with Parallel Earth, through opening of the Metatronic wormholes within the black hole center of our Milky Way Galaxy. In preparation for the “Parallel Alignment” and the Illuminati-scheduled “Earth human 2012-appointment with Illuminati destiny,” the Illuminati-Elder races progressively orchestrated the “Common-man Mass DNA Mutation” through which the Illuminati-Human line — carrying the Amenti Star-Gate codes as a result of interbreeding with the Angelic Humans — would be “ready” for the “2012–2013 AD Alpha-Omega Alignment.” (Information on the “Common-man DNA Mutation” is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-1, in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition and within various MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop programs.)


Its nice to see so many different perspectives regarding 2012...My only thought is that something must be happening since so many are rather focused on this date...Should we worry?

Rest of the article

I guess the difference is that the council of Thuban has no flesh and bone representatives in this planet the Guardian Alliance does...Channeles not included cos they are no Drakos or are they?

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