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Default Trying Times

I represent Native Americans on a state commission. Currently, I am battling a faction that wishes to make my commission obsolete. They have formed an alliance with people who cannot prove their Native American ancestry. They have attempted to smear me in email and one of my uncles unfortunately happens to be on the other side.

They call themselves the Alliance, but they are an uneasy Alliance. Such name conjures up images of the Rebel Alliance, with the exception that they are no longer the rebels.

I will continue to take a stand against these crooks. They will not succeed in their power grab. I have had trouble sleeping and concentrating. They are messing with my mind. I need help to let it go. If they succeed, I will not give up.

Please, if you wish, send positive energy my way and I will do back in kind. I have been told by elders in my clan that I am their future and their confidence helps mine.

I knew this kind of battle would come along in my life. I didn't know where. I didn't know when but I am seeing it now.
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