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Default Re: Best invention ever ..funny

Awesome flick my son just reminded me that we had seen this together a while back,

Even if this guy had time on his hands he still had to figure out how the golf ball would react to the carpet and the champagne bottle and the egg would react to there surroundings, that in itself take calculations.

And even if this guy just did it to have fun, he still taught a great many things to other folks who are still learning things like "The Secret" In a sense for some this is symbolic in nature, and believe it or not, that in some cases help create inspiration in others in there journey of learning or relearning. Sometimes folks need to see in order to better understand cuz that how some are wired.

Now imagine for a moment that the first impulse there is a thought and you have a good demonstration of the ripple effect ...that's how we are all One ..all connected ...
Now imagine a Love pulse ..
Just like she said.
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