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Originally Posted by Wellerite View Post
I was referring to Brain Entraining using sine waves formed into Binaural Beats and the other various techniques.

I don't have a clue what silva is
interesting, i can`t really agree then....but i would like to add, that i never experienced a OBE while being awake when using Hemi-Sync....but i had one at a Buddhist funeral ceremony, where a dozen monks to the left chanted a wee bit different or out of tune compared to the other 12 monks to the right of the big room..i sat in the middle between those chanting monks and had a full wide awake OBE while sitting was also a very energizing experience....
what i`m saying here is, that the use of binaural beats probably isn`t new at all...those buddhist monks must have been doing this for ages.. ...and wow! can that be not good
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