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Originally Posted by Wellerite View Post
My advice - STAY CLEAR of it

I researched the whole thing quite heavily and created my own binaural beats and various other wave forms and tried them extensively. At first it's euphoria and i had the ability to concentrate like i never could before but ultimately it's like calibrating your body to unnatural frequencies as sine waves do not occur naturally. Also check out illuminati insider Svali's story - she said that they use these beats on their mind-control victims to entrain their mind making them more susceptible to programming as she herself was a programmer and used the techniques on others herself.

When you meditate you can raise your frequency naturally and chanting OM or anything you would like to use helps as your bodies frequency will entrain to your sound. Ultimately about entraining your mind to give you more focus plus it releases endorphins and such.

So to reiterate - Please DON'T use it and learn to meditate instead

is yours a reply to the exchanger or concerning hemi-sync and binaural beats in general?
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