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I recommend staying away from Centerpointe. Go with Monroe. Centerpoint will flood your email and your postal box with the most obnoxious and insulting junk mail you can imagine. Bill Harris will also sell your name to his friends.

The Centerpointe program is way overproced and also attempts to get you to spend more money by earning new levels of development. Bill Harris has actually taught workshops on how to do this to milk you for as much money as possible.

He is also lawsuit happy and sues anyone who tries to resell his overpriced cd's. The forum postings that I have seen from him are also passive-aggressive, manipulative, and unenlighted to say the least.

Binaurul beat work can cause complications for some people and these should be taken seriously. Centerpointe attributes ANY difficulty to "resistance", which is irresponsible.

Go with Monroe Institute. Robert Monroe's books are also an interesting read, though they must be seen in the context of one man's intepretations of his experience with no teacher to guide him.
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