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Originally Posted by Orion11 View Post
hemi sync.. is that the hollowpoint research ppl?

good stuff,

you should also check out Kelly Howell, She has allot of good stuff like that,

some of it even better imo.

nice thread, thanks!

capreycorn~ cool your a member at Gaia, hit me up as a friend if you want.

Lots of great stuff there to.


nice to meet you!

GAIA is a great "place" it`s like "home" to
(at GAIA I`m: "TOTORO")

are you sure it`s "hollowpoint" or is it "holosync" (from "centrepointe"..are they now called "learningstrategies"?)
if it`s "holosync", then i know what you mean...otherwise..

holosync is different. I`m more fond of hemi-sync. (more instant gratification)
but i made some interesting observations using holosync in the garden a few summers ago...some most beautyful butterflies would suddenly come saying: "hello"...(didn`t have that with hemi-sync)


ps: Kelly Howell...heard some of her podcasts...did you try it..?

pps: there`s lots of good "hemi-sync-like" free stuff in the internet...i like the "shumann resonance" binaural "pink/white noise" to reduce anxiety (just as example)

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