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Default Re: Bill and Kerry Or Anybody. What Do You Think Of David Icke?

Hey guys.....pleased to meet ya's!!!

Icke, I have to agree is a legend, however I also have to agree that the info he passes is to some degree, second hand. However, due to the particular subject matter I would imagine that is the only way to get at this info, it ain't like the Governments are gonna put "the truth" on bill-boards or send us out nice little pamphlets entitled "the Truth about UFO's and population you friendly Government!!"

However I think we can judge to a good extent the inner nature of a person by their outward aspect. Watch "BIG BROTHER - THE BIG PICTURE" on Youtube or Google and tell me that the passion and belief that the guy has isn't incredible. The end of this lecture I would put on a par with Martin Luther King or Gandhi. A very passionate man and indeed a light in all this darkness. Definatley a soul with a big job to do!!
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