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Default Re: The Ashtar Command & the Galactic Federation

Originally Posted by Jack View Post
Thats absolutely not true! There has been countless instances where information has been provided which has then either come to be as predicted, or clarified in some way or another.

Your making statments with an obvious lack of education on the subject which is very evident to those who have researced this for many years.
Iím with Transco on this one. Iíve done 20 years of research on channelling and have met quite a few channellers in the process and some come in the form of very sweet little old ladies who totally are devoted to their channelling. Iím also very scientifically minded and have scientific qualifications and there is absolutely no significant scientific evidence to back this up.

I do believe that channelling is very possible and real from what Iíve seen but no one can ever be 100% sure that thereís no malevolent intention behind it Ė not to mention the density of the filter of the channeller. Also, itís very likely that once someone is channelling another entity, thereís always potential for other conflicting entities to also come in and put in their two cents worth. These entities are always negative as they invade the mind and sometimes the body. I speak with experience as have cleared a lot of these channellers over the years.

The bottom line is that human beings must take responsibility for themselves and their own species and look within to conjure up their own spiritual power to get ourselves out of this mess that weíve created for ourselves for thatís the only way for us to grow. Anyone looking outside their own power is asking for it. From what Iíve learnt, these aliens are not exactly vegetarians. Raw flesh anyone?

From what Iíve read on this thread, the people that Ďmockí GLF are only trying to wake up those who keep giving their power away to entities that we have no idea about and who refuse to show themselves in their true colours. I get a feeling that these Ďmockingí people just care enough to try and give GLF followers their own power back.

As a truly loving mum, Iím bringing up my daughter in a way that she always looks to her own power to sort out her own life and that she doesnít rely on me to Ďsaveí her every time. The reason being is that if I Ďget hit by a busí tomorrow then she wonít feel helpless and carry on looking to others for help. This is not to say that I donít give her support or that she canít look outside of herself for support Ė but getting support is a far cry from being Ďsaved.í

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