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Originally Posted by Harper View Post

You may have to be patient with variants of the english language, being from Ireland, firstly I have nothing against poor people heheheh

And anyone who has a bad day in our patois is referred to as poor, 'oh you poor thing', 'Oh the poor child' , and ' oh you poor b@stard', if for example you lost your job - say.

When I said the poor tibetans you will now know what I mean, what with being anilated as a people en all....

However the question was 'If karma exists, why do tibetans have such seemingly sucky Karma'

Would love a comment, if you fancy

Sorry this was in my head at the time


I hope you don't think I accused you of hating poor people! Just trying to draw you out. Heheh.

The Tibetans haven't been annihilate so much as absorbed by the PRC. Tibetan Buddhism has been suppressed there and the country's religious/ political leaders were imprisoned, tortured or escaped to India blah, blah..

The whole question about karma seems to be coming from a place of healthy skepticism probably developed by the close observation of the Catholic church in your country (guessing?)

Buddhism makes little effort to solicit peoples faith or convert their belief system (if taught correctly imo). Concepts such as the law of karma or non-attachment practices are meant as guides not dogma. I spend little time investigating the law of karma and how it pertains to others. As a law of cause and effect in my own life I find it helpful.

In answer to your question.. hmmm. Maybe it's karmic payback for the the primitive, some say barbaric dictatorship that was in place before the Chinese took over. The Dalai Lama has remarked on this. (see response to Dalai Lama critique)

I think that's too easy though. These karmic laws are pretty complex and span lifetimes. Who knows?
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