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Default Re: Check your email!

Originally Posted by JesterTerrestrial View Post
Hi Steven,
I have received no such thing!!! I have said I am not going to AVALON 2 yet and it has been stated now on several thread!!! Yet still we have no answers as to what happened...what is happening...or what is planned to happen!!!

so maybe your just gonna move on with out me. Ah well it is what it is!

I do not need an invitation to my own island!!!

However since I don't OWN the forum I can not be a member with out some authority moderation or site owner sending me an invitation!!!

And I still do not know who is driving the ship!!!

Perhaps the jesters energy is too much for this forum!!!

hmmmmm....Guess we shall see where this all leads!!!


Peace JT!
Hey Jester! You are free! But you know what, there is a Jester in PA2 smillies!

Take care brother, Steven
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