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Default Re: Check your email!

hello Wood, is that the equaliser in your avatar? I loved that show when i was younger,

Just to answer your question, it depends what you or I or the big 'them' would describe as disruptive, if its asking questions, then yes, I have taken the apple cart and sent it careening of a cliff. But just by the virtue of being here no one here has the answers or sometimes even the right questions so questions are fine by me.

If you knew it all or had it all figured out, you would disappear - quite simply, nothing more here for you. And I totally disagree with the idea that some people are sent to help; thats the other side of the victim coin.

Doctors need patients; priests need sinners; dentists LOVE cavities and 'enlightened white hats' or whatever need followers.

To stay on topic of the forum, ask yourself why you are running to the hills, whats up there that can save you that isn't right in front of you today - wherever you are.

Look at all those poor tibetans up in the highest hills in the world -- do they have the answers...........doesn't seem so.

Take care and fare well my friend
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