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Originally Posted by Harper View Post
My heart or my gut, don't know which - won't ask.
I think we all asked for a registration on this forum at some point or another. I don't see how asking for an invitation on the new forum is a different thing. You'll probably get one anyway (unless you have been persistently disruptive). It is just a matter of time, of getting it earlier. If they plan to go through 7000 members, one by one, it will take time.

Or maybe most of these 7000 members do not post at all and they really do not want to be registered. This way you can see all this as a 'membership expiration due to lack of real interest'.

The more I think about this PA2 thing the more I like it. I defend free speech, but the internet is free. Anyone can open a forum or a blog. I was attracted by Project Camelot as a source of information filtered by someone (Bill & Kerry) that I decided to give my attention to. The problem with allowing in the same place many different views (i.e. the Thuban thread) is that the filtering process is lost. I am sure I can read about that Thuban material elsewhere if I want to. It is all about coherent channels of information, and what is considered signal (information) and what is noise (disinformation) by someone.

I am happy to have a new forum with a more focused content. This doesn't mean I won't check other places as well. It means I'll know more clearly what I'll find here. And anyway this doesn't mean it will have too much censorship, just a bit more than the current forum.

All this are my personal views though. I do not know what are the long term plans for the new forum (or any plan at all).

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